SchokoPur, the vegan protein bar with 31% plant power (rice protein, pea protein)


Our SchokoPur consists of 100% pure natural herbal ingredients and incredible 31% of protein from rice and pea protein. The typical cocoa taste is made from pure cocoa beans, which also provide important plant nutrients, antioxidants and minerals. The delightful list of ingredients is rounded off by Cashew, Goji and Chia. Overall the nutritional values convince by a low-fat content with nothing left to be desired.



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Raspberry, our fruity 30% protein bar with pure raspberries (rice protein, pea protein)

Veety Raspberry meets all the requirements of a perfect sports bar with 30% protein and is completely "nut free". With selected Raspberries, Goji, Chia and Quinoa, Veety Raspberry is all-natural, processed raw and without added sugar or artificial additives.


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Hazelnut, the vegan protein bar with 30% high-quality proteins (hemp protein, rice protein)

As natural and enriched with high value protein as it gets!

Produced with the best natural ingredients without adding sugar or artificial sweeteners. Our Veety has a refined nut and fruit flavor. Just a hint of cocoa adds a light touch of nougat.
The high quality vegetable protein helps to add on to the muscular mass. Veety is ideal after workouts or just "in between", and due to a low fat level easy to digest.


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Veety Protein Shake - naturally vegan

Der Veety Proteinmix ist weltweit einzigartig und besteht aus Mandelprotein, Kokosprotein, Erbsenprotein und Reisprotein. Diese Protein Mischung garantiert ein perfektes Aminosäuren Profil mit allen essentiellen Aminosäuren auf rein pflanzlicher Basis. Un
Der Veety Proteinmix ist weltweit einzigartig und besteht aus Mandelprotein, Kokosprotein, Erbsenprotein und Reisprotein. Diese Protein Mischung garantiert ein perfektes Aminosäuren Profil mit allen essentiellen Aminosäuren auf rein pflanzlicher Basis. Un

The unique Veety protein mix consists of almond protein, coconut protein, pea protein and rice protein. This protein mixture guarantees a perfect amino acid profile with all essential amino acids on a purely vegetable basis. Our protein shake has pleasant natural taste and convinces with perfect nutritional values. The high proportion of natural BCAA and glutamic acid contributes to an increase in muscle mass.

vegan - high protein content - without added sugar - soy free – easy to digest - very low fat content - natural taste - ideal for a protein-rich diet

Container capacity 580 g. Enough for about 20 servings.


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Protein crispies, with 63% vegetable protein and 0% sugar

Your favorite cereal does not have enough protein? No problem. With Veety crispies you can pull out of your cereal a real protein meal. 3-4 tablespoons Veety crispies in your cereal and you're off. Perfect vegetable protein gives your breakfast perfect nutritional values and sufficient amino acids. It's that easy.

• 63 % hhigh-quality vegetable protein with all essential amino acids
neutral taste (comparable with cornflakes "sugar-free")
perfect ingredient for muesli and other cereals
• no additional sugar
• no soy
• vegan

Content: 400g


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Veety Protein Shaker

Color: Lemon-green, transparent
Cover: screw cap black with sieve insert
Filling capacity: 600 - 700 ml

Perfect protein shaker in an appealing design for the kitchen, studio or on the road. Suitable for mixing proteins (protein), mineral drinks or smoothies. Can also be used as a drinking bottle without the sieve insert. Dismountable and easy to clean.

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Veety Team "Zip" Hoodie


Our Veety team hoodie has been developed in collaboration with our partner Phantom Athletics. This zip hoodie keeps you comfortable in training breaks combined with a good impression on the road. The imprint is realized in screen printing, the phantom patch in silicone comes with a cool 3D effect.

Material: 80% cotton / 20% polyester, color black with gray hooded lining, fit athletic, sizes S-XL unisex

Only available in our Veety-Shop



Tops for women and cool shirts for men. Available in sizes S-L for tops and S-XL for shirts. Imprinted in screen printing for extremely long service life.

T-Shir Men: Casual Fit, accentuated round neck with a fine border, tight, short sleeves with fine cuff, side seam for precise fit. Material: 100% combed cotton, weight 140g / sqm. Sizes S-M-L-XL

Top-Lady: Sleeveless, tapered cut, racerback. Material: 100% combed cotton, weight 190g / sqm. Sizes S-M-L


Vegan proteins - complete amino acids for muscle growth


Veety. Vegan sports food Made in Bavaria. Veety Bavarian Vegan develops and produces protein bars, protein powders and protein-rich food supplements on a purely vegetable basis. Only natural ingredients such as hemp protein, pea protein, rice protein and many superfoods are used. We dispense with additives, sugar substitutes or any technical auxiliary substances. Our protein powders, protein bars, muesli bars and protein crispies are rich in essential amino acids and natural BCAA. Muscle building with a healthy diet is our mission. Sufficient amino acids such as glutamine and high-quality nutrients are derived from hemp protein, pea protein and rice protein. These vegan protein sources (vegan protein) are found in our vegan protein bars. The perfect protein snack. Veety also works as an energy bar thanks to natural carbohydrates and easily digestible vegan protein blend (vegan protein mixture of hemp protein, pea protein and rice protein). Currently the best herbal protein sources to support your muscle growth.


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